I contribute and make an impact at the intersection of business, leadership and DEI, equipping leaders and professionals with new ways to work, lead, and succeed together.
I  am driven by a deeply held conviction that the global economy will only thrive when women and all people are equally engaged in leading its prosperity. I bring my global experience as a business leader, executive coach, woman of color and immigrant to share evidence based diverse, intersectional, results-oriented insights and behaviors that make a difference

Global Expert

  1. Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  2. Executive Business Coaching and Consulting
  3. Equipping male leaders and all managers with the inclusive leadership skills to work and lead more equitably and achieve gender parity in leadership
  4. Developing  and advancing women worldwide, especially in emerging economies.


Keynote at corporations, conferences and universities around the world especially in the United States, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


WE: Men, Women, and The Decisive Formula for Winning at Work (Wiley September 2018). A new playbook to recruit, retain, and lead with high-caliber women in the workplace. lead inclusively and achieve gender parity.

UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, the first career advice book written for educated, ambitious women in emerging markets.

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Executive Leadership Coach

25 years guiding leaders to boost their success and achieve their objectives

The Way Women Work

Guiding success-minded leaders and managers with transformational ways to work, and lead equitably together.


A Women’s Media Center SheSource expert, the go-to resource for journalists, bookers, and producers. Select articles about, written by and quoting Rania available here.

Corporate Experience

Early career (1984-1997) at Bank of America and its predecessor banks. Contributed in a variety of capacities including: international banking, training, executive development and HR. Attained a senior leadership role.


Masters of Science, Foreign Service, honors concentration International Business, Georgetown University. Bachelor of Science, Business, Oklahoma State University.


Co-founded the 8th women’s angel network investor network formed in the U.S. to provide equity capital to women-led startups.



To inquire about my availability for speaking engagements or reach me please email raniaanderson@thewaywomenwork.com

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